To Live: Stepping Into Fullness and Light

To Live: Stepping Into Fullness and Light

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Do you ever feel like you're just going through the motions? Are you tired of feeling like there's

more to life that you have yet to experience? Do you desire to grow deeper in your faith and find

the "more" to life? Ellie Hope found herself there often, and as she sought God, she began the

journey to finding it.

In To Live, Ellie Hope Durbin shares a wide variety of quotes and passages that will help you

step into and experience the abundance God has for your life. Here, you'll find:

● Bold one-liners that speak volumes

● Quotes to encourage you as you walk through everyday life

● Challenging passages that question your thoughts and equip you with courage

● Poems pouring out emotion and truth

Whether for revelation, inspiration, or as a writing prompt, use this book to see what God could

be speaking to you. You have potential and a plan for your life that could have only been written

by a loving Creator. Discover it in this book as you journey through the pages.

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