Texas State Test Prep: Grade 6 English Language Arts Literacy (ELA) Practice Workbook and Full-length Online Assessments: STAAR Study Guide

Texas State Test Prep: Grade 6 English Language Arts Literacy (ELA) Practice Workbook and Full-length Online Assessments: STAAR Study Guide

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Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS) Standards-aligned Test Practice Workbook for 6th Grade English Language Arts Literacy (Updated for 2022-23)

Developed by expert educators, the Lumos STAAR ELA test prep workbook for grade six is a perfect tool to help students maximize scores on State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) ELA Test.

The workbook is designed for use at home/classroom, and utilizes our proprietary Smart Test Prep Methodology to help your students ace the state assessment.

Rigorous standards-aligned practice questions, it identifies and addresses skill gaps in ELA standards, resulting in improved STAAR scores and a strong foundation in critical ELA standards.

It also helps eliminate test anxiety & boost students' confidence by providing 2 full-length online practice tests that mimic your state assessment blueprints covering all question types, tech-enhanced items, test duration, the rigor of the questions, the standards and even the weightage given to various standards.

Plus the look and feel of these practice tests simulate the actual state assessment, helping students become familiar with the format of the test while developing test-taking strategies and stamina.

Additionally, the student gets a personalized study plan to address the skill gaps with hundreds of questions included in the printed workbook that are specifically aligned with the state standards and assessments, improving their proficiency.

The STAAR Printed workbook for 6th graders includes comprehensive practice resources for mastering the 6th grade ELA standards. The workbook includes

Key topics such as:

  • Developing and Sustaining Foundational language skills
  • Comprehension Skills
  • Author's Purpose and Craft
  • Composition
  • Inquiry and Research

Detailed answer keys & explanationsStrategies to improve test speed & accuracy

These workbooks take learning to the next level by providing online access to state standards-aligned, interactive and engaging resources such as

  • 2 full-length practice tests that mimic the STAAR testing environment
  • Personalized study plan to provide an efficient learning path
  • Practice STAAR Tech-enhanced Items
  • Additional ELA practice with released STAAR exemplars
  • Lumos mind-maps & flashcubes offering visual way for students to review and retain important concepts

Benefits for Parents:

  • Monitor their child's progress and identify areas of improvement
  • Gives parents peace of mind that their child is well-prepared for the test
  • Reduced parent intervention

Benefits for Teachers:

  • Access to teaching resources to boost grade 6 ELA scores
  • Deliver personalized instruction & targeted practice with an AI-powered deep remediation tool
  • Additional test practice with released Grade 6 ELA items by STAAR

Lumos Learning Study Programs are trusted by 813,400+ Students, 104,800+ Teachers, 39,300+ Schools, & 100+ Libraries to improve student achievement on standardized tests.

The Lumos STAAR Practice workbook is ideal for At-Home Learning, Classroom Learning, Home Tutoring & Home Schooling. With this workbook at your side, help students be better prepared & confident for the 2022-23 STAAR test prep.

Give your student the Lumos tedBook advantage today!
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