On the Trail

On the Trail

A book by Lucinda Lawton
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"I returned again to Aspen

I had been there once before

And the peace I found there that time

Returned, only tenfold more."

A love story of the Rocky Mountains, of a man and woman, and the life they led close to nature in the early '70's and their remarkable six-month journey from Aspen, CO to northern New Mexico with their horses and pack animals. Filled with breathtaking photos of the wilderness areas they traversed as well as charming drawings and maps of their route, we read of their meeting in Aspen, CO, their move to the North Fork Valley, CO, and then travel with them as we follow Lucinda's original journal entries.

"On one of our trips into Aspen, we went to see the movie Walkabout which had a profound effect on us and inspired us to think more seriously about not only a pack trip, but also the idea of spending a long period of time actually living in the mountains. We would take the next year to prepare. This included a number of shorter pack trips in the Aspen wilderness areas before we would head south on a longer journey into New Mexico. With periodic returns to our home base, we would end up living in the high mountains for a little over six months. It was to be the adventure of a lifetime and one that would influence the rest of my life in so many ways! I truly believe that time spent in the natural world is essential to our well-being and peace of mind."

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