The ENERGY Formula

The ENERGY Formula

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If there's anything people say they want more of these's energy.

** Forbes Top 21 Books to Read in 2021 **

** USA TODAY Top 20 Books to Optimize Your Life in 2021 **

The world around us continually requires more of us while we give less and less thought to our long-term health. This distracted and overwhelmed mindset has landed us squarely in survival mode, depriving us of the necessary steps to create lasting, sustained energy. The truth is most of us are so exhausted and don't know how to find the energy to live our best lives.

We need a new formula that is practical, low-cost, easy and that flat out works. We need The ENERGY Formula!

The ENERGY Formula covers Keto, Paleo, biohacking, stoicism, supplements, CBD, nootropics, MCTs, infra-red saunas, cold plunges, how to create a sleep fortress, circadian rhythm, and so much more!

With about 60 full-color diagrams and over 100 scientific citations, Shawn gives you knowledge you will not find anywhere else. Including Formulator's Corners in every chapterthat cover doses, brands and forms of supplements you need to be taking and Resource Hacksthat tell you the products, devices, apps and more to use. You're getting the unbiased truth!

Developed by biochemist, dietitian, sports nutritionist and formulation scientist Shawn Wells after surviving a series of torturous health battles, this pivotal and groundbreaking book is the product of meticulous and persistent research to find solutions to his personal and painful experiences--paired with two decades of legitimate clinical and scientific expertise.

In this book, readers will discover six life changing ingredients to unleash their limitless potential:

* Experiment

* Nutrition

* Exercise

* Routine

* Growth

* Your Tribe

A transparent, vulnerable and inspiring call to action, The ENERGY Formula is a guide meant to bring you out of the black hole of fatigue, depression and weight challenges and into a more passionate, energized and vibrant life NOW...with expert Shawn Wells as your guide through every simple, research-backed step.

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