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If you are interested in business, then you will enjoy being able to choose a periodical from the selection of marketing & sales magazines online at DiscountMags. There are publications related to a wide array of different topics about which you will enjoy reading. In this category you can find periodicals that are dedicated to topics such as home business, trade among various countries, popular advertising trends, and many other interesting subjects. Whether you have a career related to sales and marketing or you merely enjoy reading and learning about these topics, you will enjoy and benefit from having a subscription to any one of these marketing and sales magazine subscriptions. Finding an interesting periodical that you will enjoy reading and learning from has never been easier than with DiscountMags. There is are great sales and marketing magazines for you available in this category, all you have to do is choose the one that you will enjoy reading the most. 
Si estás aburrido de leer las mismas cosas en diferentes sitios y quieres ir más allá del fotograma diario de la actualidad, ésta es tú revista. En Capital siempre encontrarás historias nuevas, ...
Available Terms: 1 Issue, 1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years and 4 Years
12 Issues: $23.18 $30.84
Fast Company takes you inside the minds of the most progressive business leaders. Meet the real innovators of our age and see the latest in design, sustainability, marketing, and social responsibility...
Available Terms: 1 Issue and 10 Months
10 Issues: $7.79 $49.90
NZBusiness + Management With two top business magazines combined into one digital issue, NZBusiness + Management offers a feast of information, inspiration and education for business leaders and owner...
Available Terms: 1 Issue and 11 Months
11 Issues: $30.46 $37.18
IT for Business est la nouvelle formule de 01Business, le magazine des DSI, décideurs et prescripteurs IT. IT for Business est multi support pour un accès à l’information 24h/24 : Tous les mois,...
Available Terms: 1 Issue and 11 Months
11 Issues: $137.37 $143.77
Petróleo & Energía es el vínculo de comunicación ideal entre proveedores, prestadores de bienes y servicios, capital humano y consumidores del mercado energético, lo que da origen a un espaci...
Available Terms: 1 Issue and 16 Months
8 Issues: $7.20 $15.92
Les Affaires est le leader incontesté des publications d'affaires. Votre source hebdomadaire d’information pour prendre les meilleures décisions.
Available Terms: 1 Issue and 11 Months
46 Issues: $45.65 $139.84
01net Mag est le rendez-vous incontournable des passionnés de loisirs numériques, vous y retrouverez tous les 15 jours : • Un zoom sur l’actualité du numérique, ses acteurs et une pers...
Available Terms: 1 Issue and 11 Months
22 Issues: $57.22 $75.24
Si tu eres o planeas ser un emprendedor que le gusta tomar riesgos que signifiquen un crecimiento para su negocio, nuestra selección de artículos harán que tus decisiones estén bien fundamentadas....
Available Terms: 1 Issue
1 Issue: $12.00 $144.00
Uptown Professional Magazine is the new quarterly, national, cutting-edge brand extension of UPTOWN Magazine for Urban Professionals with 5 or more years of experience in corporate America. The premie...
Available Terms: 1 Issue
1 Issue: $9.95 $119.40
US Black Engineer and Information Technology Magazine provides black technology news and information about black engineering, black technology, black entrepreneurs, black engineers, black education, b...
Available Terms: 1 Issue
1 Issue: $26.00 $312.00
Available Terms: 1 Issue
1 Issue: $32.82 $393.84
創辦人高希均教授指出,創辦《遠見》的宗旨有二: 第一,是傳播國際知識,包括不同的領域、主題及人物,使中國人瞭解國際社會中的世界觀。因此...
Available Terms: 1 Issue and 9 Months
1 Issue: $3.94 $35.46
Available Terms: 1 Issue
1 Issue: $9.03 $108.36
The handbook is an ideal resource for any company that participates in or wishes to commence exporting or importing (or wishes to export to or import from New Zealand)
Available Terms: 1 Issue
1 Issue: $16.92 $203.04
The 2013 Marketing Survival Guide is a channel-by-channel guide to the landscape faced by Australian marketers in 2013. It's a collection of thoughts from industry leaders and data visualisation acros...
Available Terms: 1 Issue
1 Issue: $7.36 $88.32
The Art of Magazine features exclusive content from bestselling authors, corporate visionaries and leading luminaries in the business world. Our magazine is published quarterly with features and colum...
Available Terms: 1 Issue
1 Issue: $7.95 $95.40