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There are many boats magazine subscriptions to choose from at DiscountMags. You will enjoy a wide selection of publications that will provide you with the opportunity to read and learn about any topic related to boating in which you have an interest. There are boats magazines online related to kayaking, cruises, yachting, powerboats, boat design, and many other topics. If you enjoy living the nautical life, you will find a boating magazine for you at DiscountMags. Each of the periodicals in this category will provide you with all the information that you need about specific topics that will help you in your boating endeavors. Whether you are looking to invest in your own vessel and would like to learn about how to care for it to use it to the fullest advantage you can find that in one of the publications, or if you are interested in chartering a yacht, you can learn about that as well. There is a magazine for every sailor at DiscountMags. 
Yacht Design: A bimonthly magazine unique in its field: the design, projects and interior decoration of yachts. Interviews to famous yacht-designers and articles devoted to the interior decoration of ...
Available Terms: 1 Year
6 Issues: $178.97 $227.08
For more than 75 years, all those serious about the business of boating have turned to Boating Industry magazine-the most authoritative voice of the marine market-for strategic analysis, in-depth cove...
Available Terms: 1 Year and 2 Years
9 Issues: $99.00 $120.00
Trade-A-Boat for Zinio delivers the impact of the printed page with the immediacy and convenience that comes from delivery on Zinio. Featuring all the same great content, deals and reviews as the prin...
Available Terms: 1 Year
13 Issues: $67.08 $87.23
Available Terms: 1 Year
6 Issues: $42.69 $48.30
米蘭, 巴黎,紐約/倫敦時裝秀。它發表在8月,9月,10月和3月 4月和5月出版。一年8期。 WFM MEN COLLECTION is Runway Reports of men’s fashion for Milan. Paris, New York / ...
Available Terms: 1 Year
8 Issues: $38.99 $47.92
《熟年誌》是一本全面探討熟年議題的快樂生活誌。 從健康醫療、投資理財、退休規劃、休閒生活、人際關係、兩代溝通、旅遊移居,全方位與您一同...
Available Terms: 1 Year
12 Issues: $37.13 $44.64
Available Terms: 1 Year
6 Issues: $35.27 $48.30
Cross Country es el medio más importante para los pilotos de ala delta, parapente y paramotor de todo el mundo. En cada uno de nuestros diez números anuales, el contenido de nuestra revista refleja ...
Available Terms: 1 Year
10 Issues: $33.18 $44.30
Devoted to the building, care, design and use of wooden boats, both large and small, yachts and working vessels, traditional and modern. Emphasis is on craftsmanship and knowledge.
Available Terms: 1 Year, 2 Years and 3 Years
6 Issues: $32.97 $68.55
Available Terms: 1 Year
12 Issues: $30.91 $36.84
新加坡第一本中文旅游、美食、时尚杂志。 除了景点,我们也提倡一种旅游态度、——生活,就是最美好的旅程。 通过《畅游行》,我们伴你体会人...
Available Terms: 1 Year
14 Issues: $29.99 $41.86
米蘭、巴黎、紐約 / 倫敦時裝大秀。出刊發表於每年 秋/冬、春/夏 前夕,一年共6期。 WFM MEN COLLECTION is the Runway Reports of men’s fashion for Milan, Paris, New York...
Available Terms: 1 Year
6 Issues: $28.99 $35.94
Professional Mariner Magazine provides the mosr authoritative information on the commercial and military vessels that sail North America's oceans, coastal waters, inland rivers and lakes.
Available Terms: 1 Year, 2 Years and 3 Years
8 Issues: $27.99 $41.92