XXL Magazine

XXL Magazine

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Follow the hip-hop and rap culture with a XXL magazine subscription. Every issue will provide you with great articles about the news, music, and lifestyle that you enjoy. Don’t miss any of the latest news and entertainment with this publication. Order your subscription to XXL magazine today!


Follow all the hip-hop and rap artists you love by getting a subscription to XXL magazine. Every issue ensures that you have all the information that you want about your favorite people in the entertainment industry as well as the latest record deals. You will be able to read exclusive interviews from artists, agents, and managers so that you get a complete perspective of what is going on in the industry. XXL online also provides you with the latest entertainment news by making sure you see your favorite artists’ videos before anyone else. No other periodical can provide you with the same detailed coverage of this music genre.


Keep up with all the hottest hip-hop and rap songs as well as artists by taking out a subscription to XXL magazine. Every issue will guarantee you new, great music to listen to everyday. You will love all the sections in this publication. There are sections called, “Bangers,” “Mixtapes,” “Show & Prove,” “The Come Up,” and “The Break.” Each one provides you with new and interesting music for you to listen to, both from your favorite artists as well as new ones that are beginning to make it big.


Not only will you know everything that is happening in the music industry and the hottest new music, but you will also find ways to incorporate it into your own lifestyle. There are fashion advice, sneakers, television, movies, and technology articles in every edition of XXL magazine. You will have the lifestyle worthy of a rap star with the help of this publication.

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