Windows 8 For Beginners Magazine (Digital)

Windows 8 For Beginners Magazine (Digital) February 1st, 2015 Issue Cover
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Windows 8 For Beginners Magazine (Digital)

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Whether you want to browse the web with Internet Explorer, check your email in the Mail app or just enjoy a more traditional Windows experience in the Desktop, Windows 8 for Beginners has got you covered. As well as being a productivity workhorse – with apps like Calendar, OneDrive and the Microsoft Office suite – Windows 8 is also capable of being an exceptional entertainment system, and we check out how you can make the most of its Music, Video and Photo apps as well Featuring: The ultimate guide to Windows 8 - Learn about how Windows 8 works and what it can do for you. Setting up - Install Windows and get to grips with the tiles interface. Getting started - Master the desktop and other Start screen apps. The next step - Learn about Windows 8’s suite of entertainment and lifestyle apps.
  • Publisher: Future Publishing Ltd