The Ubuntu Book Magazine (Digital)

The Ubuntu Book Magazine (Digital) April 1st, 2016 Issue Cover
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The Ubuntu Book Magazine (Digital)

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  • Language: English
  • Country: United Kingdom


Many people making the move from Windows to a Linux distribution choose Ubuntu as their first step. The reasons for this are clear, as it provides a clean, attractive GUI with Unity, and usability by the bucket-load. In this book, you’ll discover the best features of Ubuntu’s default software, and the best FOSS apps for you to download from the Software Centre. We’ll even suggest some re-spins of Ubuntu to try, should you want to go beyond the basic Unity interface. Featuring: Ubuntu essentials - Make sure you have your system set up covered with handy tips. Ubuntu apps - Get to know the standard software packaged with Ubuntu. Supercharge Ubuntu - Use these more advanced tricks to get more from your system. Beyond Ubuntu - Explore different spins on Ubuntu and find your perfect desktop environment.
  • Publisher: Future Publishing Ltd