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About The Ring

The Ring magazine is the world’s leading publication for all things related to the sport of boxing. Find out about all the events and news in the sport through this periodical. Each issue includes articles about the world’s top boxers, matches, ratings, and more. Stay up to date with boxing by ordering your subscription to The Ring magazine today!

Boxing News

Every aspect of boxing is covered in your subscription to The Ring. You will be able to read about leading boxers, their life events, suspensions, rematches and denials, and more. The world of boxing has never been this close to your own life. The sport will take on new life as you learn more about all that is related to it. Your friends and family will be impressed with your thorough knowledge of your favorite sport as you learn more and more through this periodical.


Not only does each issue provide you with information about events within the realm of boxing, but there are exclusive interviews in each publication as well. You will enjoy learning new perspectives about boxing and the boxers as you read the in-depth interviews. Getting to know the individual boxers, both your favorites and the ones you dislike, has never been easier than with this magazine. The Ring enables you to get an inside look into their strategies and tactics as well into their personal lives. You will enjoy everything offered to you by this magazine.

Schedule and Ring Ratings

With your subscription to The Ring magazine comes with a monthly updated schedule and statistics about all the best boxers. You will always know when your favorite boxers have a match, where it is located, and even an idea of how their match is going to turn out. Whether you watch every match, travel to see them, or just like keeping up with your boxers in print, this magazine will be a great resource for you. Keep up with everything your favorite boxers are doing with this subscription.

Order your subscription to the world of boxing by subscribing to The Ring today! 

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