The American Spectator Magazine

The American Spectator Magazine

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The American Spectator is a conservative political magazine. In each issue you will be able to read different perspectives on the most recent events and politics. You will enjoy reading about society through this publication. There are articles about the latest news, politics, the environment, technology, varying perspectives, public policy, and many others. There are topics for every type of reader to enjoy. Order your discount subscription to The American Spectator magazine today!

Politics and News

In each issue of The American Spectator magazine, you will find many interesting articles about political topics, current events, and the latest news. All of the articles are written from a conservative perspective. There are informative features in each issue of this publication that will provide you with all that you need to know about different political parties, political hopefuls, as well as current events such as bombings, severe weather events, and more. It is easy to stay informed with the help of this discount subscription.

Environment and Technology

The American Spectator magazine also provides you with coverage of the latest advancements in environmental science and various technologies. You will enjoy reading about all the ways that you can help the environment as well as solutions that have been debunked. There are also many articles discussing the latest technology that has been or is being developed. You will be able to read about the modern space race, mobile devices, medical advancements, and many other topics.


The journalists at The American Spectator magazine have opinions on every topic and you will love being able to read them all with your subscription. The articles cover everything from discussing equality and politics to healthcare and the Pope. You will enjoy learning about topics that are up for debate and highly contentious. Form your own opinions with the help of this periodical.

Order your discount subscription to The American Spectator magazine today to start reading about modern society!