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Sports Illustrated Magazine

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Sports fans, if you're not already subscribing to Sports Illustrated, what are you waiting for? This weekly publication will keep you informed about everything going on in professional and college sports.

Get in the Game

Sports Illustrated is a must for any fan of professional or college sports. Every issue includes previews of upcoming seasons as well as behind-the-scenes access to your favorite players and teams. Get great coverage and analysis through the eyes of some of the world's leading sports analysts and announcers, who frequently pen articles for the magazine.

In-Depth Reporting

Sports Illustrated offers so much more than just game highlights. Included are features about the top issues, players, scandals, and best moments in the world of sports. With a commitment to storytelling and incredible photography, Sports Illustrated is an essential read for sports fans.

The Swimsuit Issue

Of course, every subscription of Sports Illustrated comes with the famous swimsuit issue, featuring the world's most beautiful models and athletes.

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  • Publisher: Meredith Corporation
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