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About Sea Classics

Sea Classics magazine is the ultimate naval history magazine. You will learn amazing historical facts in each issue that you receive. From sea battles to the men who fought in them, this publication provides you with it all. Order your discount subscription to the magazine that brings history to life, by getting Sea Classics today!


In every issue of your Sea Classics magazine subscription, you will find great articles about the world’s major battles that were fought at sea. You will love learning about how naval warfare and technology has impacted the world as a whole.  Whether you are a history buff and like to know about all aspects of the past or you are a sailor yourself, you will love perusing this publication each month. You will learn something new about the past of the navy in every single issue that you receive.

The Sailors

Not only will you learn the facts of what transpired during historical naval battles, but you will also learn about the people who brought the events about. There are first-hand accounts in each issue of your Sea Classics magazine. These accounts will give you a better understanding of why certain events happened in the way that they did as well as bring the events to life in a new way. Learning about history through a person that lived through it makes it more real than just reading a historical account in a textbook. You will enjoy each feature in this publication!

Current Events

Sea Classics doesn’t just stop with providing you with information about past events, but it also ensures that you know about all that is happening currently with naval warfare. You will enjoy being about to read about the new technologies involved as well as some of the tactics that are used in naval warfare. Every issue provides you with interesting information about the post-Cold War nuclear navies of the modern age in which we live.

Learn about everything related to the Navy, past and present, by ordering your discount subscription to Sea Classics magazine today! 

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