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About Running Times

Running Times magazine is the ultimate source for all things related to running. Whether you are an athlete affiliated with a school or merely like to run races on your own, you will love this resource. Each issue has informative articles about trails, training, racing, and gear. Order your subscription to better runs by ordering your discount Running Times magazine today!

Levels: High School, College, and Masters

Each issue of Running Times magazine has a section devoted to the three levels of athletic runners. There are profiles on the various athletes in high school, college, and the masters. In the profiles you will learn about the runners’ training and nutrition regimens to help you improve your own athleticism. For those in high school and college, there are tips and advice about being recruited for the next level of running. In the section for the masters, you will enjoy reading about the rankings of the top athletes and seeing how you compare. Each issue provides you with interesting articles to read.

Gear, Training, and Injuries

Every great runner needs great gear. Running Times provides you with reviews and suggestions for the gear that you need to make your runs better. From the best shoes to the shirt materials that breathe best, you will have all the information you need to make your next purchase. There are also great suggestions for new training regimens. Whether you are training for a race or just wanting to push yourself to the next level, you will love all the training and nutrition guides that you will find in each issue to help you mix up your routine. There are also many articles about stretches and exercises that can help you avoid injuries as well as those that will help you recover from any injuries you may incur.

Trails and Racing

In the trail and racing sections of the magazine, you will get great ideas for finding new trails and races to run. Whether you are a casual runner or looking to become a professional, there is something for you in every edition of Running Times magazine. Find great new destinations, both near and far, that you can run to make all of your runs more scenic and enjoyable. You will also learn about the best races to compete in, strategies and tactics, pace charts, and so much more to make you a better runner.

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