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About Runner's World

Runner’s World magazine is the top magazine for serious runners who want to improve their fitness and health by staying up to date on all the best health and training information. Every issue provides you with detailed training regimens, tips for better nutrition, gear reviews, and more. Subscribe to a better run by ordering your Runner’s World magazine subscription today!

Training, Plans, Races, and Trails

Whether you are new to running, are returning to the sport after a hiatus, or have been running for years, Runner’s World is the publication for you. You will be better prepared for upcoming races and will be able to push yourself harder than ever with all of the tips and advice that you receive from this magazine. Every issue provides you with training regimens for various types of races as well as tips for training in different weather and geography. There are also exercise suggestions that will help increase your speed and agility while decreasing the likelihood of injuries.

Shoes and Gear

Every runner knows that a run is only as good as the shoes in which you are running. This is why Runner’s World ensures that you know about the latest running shoes that are on the market. Whether you prefer minimalist shoes, barefoot running, shoes that are treadmill friendly, or are concerned about supporting your arch, each issue takes the various aspects of running shoes into consideration in order to provide you reviews on the shoes that will best fit your needs. There are also reviews and recommendations for other gear that you need to make your run better. From shorts that won’t ride up to the best earphones and music for a better run, Runner’s World meets every need you have.

Health and Nutrition

Runner’s World knows how critical it is for you to maintain your health when you are an avid runner. In every issue’s health and nutrition section, you will find information about the best foods to eat to maintain your energy during a run and to recuperate after it. There is also information about preventing injuries from happening, but also how to treat the injuries that do happen. There are also guides to help you find out why you have a pain and how to keep that pain from recurring. Another critical issue for runners is staying hydrated and each issue provides you with tips for how to avoid dehydration. With all the nutritional and health advice in the magazine, you will feel better than ever both before and after your runs.

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