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Since its launch in 1971, Rock & Gem Magazine has been an absolute must-read for all lapidary and mineral hobbyists. It’s doesn’t serve up any dusty scientific discourse, but instead offers a perfectly balanced mix of information, food-for-thought, and entertainment aimed at any rockhound. Each issue is packed with articles on minerals, collecting tips and trends, and jewelry-making. So whether your passion is digging, collecting, or faceting and whether you’re a casual fan or a diehard enthusiast, Rock & Gem has something to interest you.

Trusted Insights

Carnegie Award-winner Bob Jones heads up a team of knowledgeable Rock & Gem contributors (including Steve Voynick, Bob Rush, and Russ Kaniuth) whose in-depth writings explore all aspects of the science of minerals and lapidary techniques. You can even share your own knowledge by submitting faceting designs or even full-length features and project articles.

Get the Goods

Rock & Gem’s field trip guides give you all the info and hints you need to find the perfect collecting spots and gather the best gems. Trip guides cover everything from day-trips, family vacations, or extended stays in remote locales, so you’re guaranteed to find one (or a dozen) that piques your interest.

Step-By-Step Projects

Once you’ve collected your gems, Rock & Gem is there to show you what to do with them, featuring project ideas for all skill levels and interests. The easy-to-follow instructions and pro tips will have you tumbling, polishing, and faceting in no time.

Rock & Gem gives you the lowdown on all the exciting things rockhounds are up to right now, so feed your enthusiasm and get a discounted subscription to Rock & Gem today. Subscribe now!