Raspberry Pi for Beginners Magazine (Digital)

Raspberry Pi for Beginners Magazine (Digital) March 1st, 2017 Issue Cover
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Raspberry Pi for Beginners Magazine (Digital)

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Featuring a wealth of simple beginner’s guides, as well as tutorials for all models of Raspberry Pi, including the new Pi 3 and Pi Zero, Raspberry Pi The Complete Manual is an essential companion for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of the pocket-sized computer. Featuring: Hardware guide - Get to grips with your Raspberry Pi, whether you’re using anything from the Pi Zero to the Pi 3. Set up your Pi - Use this guide to get up and running with your Pi in no time at all. Master Raspbian - Take advantage of the popular OS and start getting more out of your Pi. The projects - Turn your Pi into a games console, a voice synthesiser and much, much more.
  • Publisher: Future Publishing Ltd