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About National Enquirer

National Enquirer magazine is the nation’s leading weekly gossip periodical. Staying informed of all that is happening in Hollywood and with your favorite celebrities has never been easier. A subscription to this magazine provides you with nearly endless access to all the things that the stars you love are up to, both the good and the bad! Stay informed by ordering a discount subscription to National Enquirer magazine today!

Celebrity News

Follow everything that is happening in the lives of the stars you love with your National Enquirer magazine subscription. You can learn about scuffles between the rich and famous, learn when couples get together or split apart, find out about new babies before anyone else, and so much more. You will love learning about the lives of those you enjoy watching in movies and television through your subscription to this publication.

True Crime

Not only will you be able to read about the celebrities you love, you will also have the opportunity to read about criminals and their outrageous crimes. In each issue of National Enquirer magazine, you will find articles about men who have been stabbed in prison, read exclusives from shooters about why they did what they did, the latest trials, and much more. While you won’t be happy that there is so much crime happening, you will enjoy reading about it all in this publication!

Gossip and Photos

After reading about all that crime, you will enjoy indulging yourself with lots of gossip and some not-so-flattering photos of the celebrity a-listers. With your National Enquirer magazine subscription, you will be able to read about all the juicy details of what is happening in the entertainment industry. Find out the real reason why someone was fired from a show, how the stars react when someone kisses their crush, the celebrities that are gaining a little too much weight, and much more. You will also have fantastic photo spreads to go with all the stories in each edition.

Get the latest celebrity gossip, news, and even crime with your discount subscription to National Enquirer magazine!

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