More Trains of the 1950's Magazine (Digital)

More Trains of the 1950's Magazine (Digital) November 1st, 2015 Issue Cover
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More Trains of the 1950's Magazine (Digital)

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With More Trains of the 1950s, you can relive the railroading decade you love. This 124-page collectors edition covers the railroads’ final push for passenger, the transition from steam to diesel, and the evolution of railroad technology. Inside you’ll  find: • Stories from iconic journalist David P. Morgan, among other notable authors. • Photos from Philip R. Hastings, Wallace W. Abbey, and other great photographers of the era. • Coverage of all major themes of 1950s railroading. • Last hurrahs for steam. • Colorful streamliners and early diesels. • And much more!
  • Publisher: Kalmbach Publishing Co. - Magazines