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Mental Floss magazine makes education entertaining by providing you with answers to all the questions that have been nagging you for years. There are trivia and fun facts presented in fun and interesting ways. You will love everything you learn about in this magazine. Order your Mental Floss subscription today!

Amazing Facts

There are tons of amazing and interesting facts in every issue of Mental Floss magazine. From learning about how mapmakers prevent illegal reproductions of their work to learning how caffeine works to provide you with extra energy, you will love all the information found inside of this magazine. There are facts covering a broad range of topics in every issue so that you can never get bored with it. You will be able to impress all your friends with your newfound knowledge and will dominate at trivia with the help of this publication.

Big Questions (and Answers)

Mental Floss provides you with answers to the big questions that you have been wondering about for years. There are questions about origins, the body, food, pets, and more. You are sure to learn something you did not know before in each and every issue of this publication. From learning the difference between Latin stems to discovering if it is actually unhealthy to stand in front of a running magazine, you will find the answers to all your questions with a subscription to Mental Floss!

Life Hacks

Not only will you be able to read astounding facts and answer all the big questions in your life, but you will also get tons of great life hacks in every issue. Mental Floss magazine aims to ensure that you are always prepared for what life throws at you with all of these great life hacks. There are ones for dealing with pets, preparing for a big night out, and even those about more serious topics such as saving money and parenting. Order your subscription to an easier life with these life hacks!

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