Men of Integrity Magazine

Men of Integrity Magazine

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Men of Integrity is a magazine for the everyday man seeking to learn more about God and the Bible. The same people that brought you the magazine, Christianity Today, publish this periodical. This publication is meant to be your daily guide to the Bible and a better prayer life. You will be able to grow closer to God and learn more about His Word with the help of this publication. Order your discount Men of Integrity subscription today!

Bible Study

With Men of Integrity, you can learn more about the Bible through the reading guides that are included in every issue. Even if you don’t understand a verse or passage, the commentaries in this magazine will help you to understand what God wants you to learn from various Biblical passages. All of the daily devotions in Men of Integrity will help you to apply the Bible and its lessons to your life. Your spiritual life will thrive with the help of this publication.

Prayer Life

Not only do the Men of Integrity daily devotions help you to improve your knowledge of the Bible and how to apply that knowledge to your life, but they also help you to improve your prayer life. Whether you have been a Christian since you were a child or have recently found God, everyone needs spiritual encouragement and help occasionally. This publication will ensure that you never become stuck in a prayer rut or become discouraged when you think your prayers are not being answered. Men of Integrity magazine can help you with every aspect of your prayer life.

Articles to Fuel Your Faith

Every issue of the Men of Integrity provides you with articles that will encourage you and increase your faith. Featuring stories about people just like you, your spiritual life will be positively influenced by every article. From stories of sickness and healing to those of hurt and faith that supersedes it, you will love all the articles in this magazine aimed at helping you to become more faithful and close to God.

Order your new daily guide to the Bible and prayer with a discount subscription to Men of Integrity magazine today!