Linux & Open Source Genius Guide Magazine (Digital)

Linux & Open Source Genius Guide Magazine (Digital) December 1st, 2015 Issue Cover
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Linux & Open Source Genius Guide Magazine (Digital)

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Linux and other open source software packages can give you an exhilarating sense of freedom in making your computer your own, no matter what you use it for. In this Genius Guide, you’ll learn advanced tips for how to get the most out of the latest distros, and find projects to try out. We take a look at the best distros and software of the year so far, and show you ho to get faster, better servers now. Featuring: Faster, Better Severs Now - Upgrade your computing power yourself. Tips & Tricks - Manipulate data in R and encrypt your emails. Masterclass - Triple boot your system and troubleshoot issues. Developer Guide - Build a Cacti plug-in and build a RAID array.
  • Publisher: Future Publishing Ltd