Lenses Guide Magazine (Digital)

Lenses Guide Magazine (Digital) July 1st, 2017 Issue Cover
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Lenses Guide Magazine (Digital)

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  • Country: Australia


This guide starts with tech basics of today's lenses – the varying mounts and formats, image stabilisation and focusing systems, image sensor size – and their impact on lens performance. It covers why and when to use prime lenses, standard kit lenses, telephoto kit lenses, and 'all-in-one' extended zoom lenses. Lenses Guide advises the best types of lenses for different types of photography – landscapes, portraiture, sports and wildlife, and macro photography – along with techniques to improve your picture-taking. It also covers the essential and 'nice-to-have' lens accessories. With lenses at anything from $300 to $3000 and beyond, this guide might be the best lens investment you ever make!
  • Publisher: Media Publishing Pty Limited