Land Rover Defender 2015 Magazine (Digital)

Land Rover Defender 2015 Magazine (Digital) December 1st, 2015 Issue Cover
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Land Rover Defender 2015 Magazine (Digital)

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This Defender MagBook is a celebration of the most instantly recognizable vehicle on the planet earth. A vehicle that I am convinced caused my wife to fall in love with me, given it was my daily during our courting phase. I do not think it has ever won a design award, yet it deserves one. The basic Defender shape has not changed in 50 years, yet it is still iconic. It is timeless, classless and functional. It is a car that moves, frustrates and brings joy to people. When I first started this MagBook I was going to title the lead feature: Au revoir, Defender. Despite the fact that the production of the Defender as we know it will end in December 2015, this is definitely not the end of the Defender.
  • Publisher: Dennis Publishing UK