Gq 智族 Magazine (Digital)

Gq 智族 Magazine (Digital) July 18th, 2018 Issue Cover
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Gq 智族 Magazine (Digital)

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  • Language: Chinese
  • Country: China


GQ China launched in Oct 2009 and was quickly gained cult status as the leading men’s lifestyle title in China. It introduces the Chinese man to a lifestyle of the highest quality, acknowledging and integrating new information and international trends while being, first and foremost, Chinese. 《智族GQ》创刊于2009年10月,并迅速成为当下中国活跃的绅士群体的阅读良伴。他博采众长,全方位覆盖男性所关注的信息,始终聚焦男性的独特文化,并迎合他们渴望享受卓越生活的愿望;他为拥有国际视野、独特视角且兼容中西方文化的成功男士提供了一本终极男士生活典则。
  • Publisher: Conde Nast Publications LTD. (China)