Food Gardening Magazine (Digital)

Food Gardening Magazine (Digital) October 1st, 2012 Issue Cover
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Food Gardening Magazine (Digital)

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  • Language: English
  • Country: Australia


Food Gardening opens up a world where a sense of camaraderie and enthusiasm abound, where you’ll get dirt under your fingernails, fresh air in your lungs and exercise your body without even thinking about it. The result will be a garden that gives you joy as well as baskets of fruit and veg to share with your family and friends. Food Gardening informs its readers about creating their ideal gardens and discusses topics such as planning the garden, planting, fertilising and weeding, identifying pests, composting and recycling. It categorises produce into fruits, vegies, spices, herbs and nuts, providing tips on how and when to grow each one.
  • Publisher: Universal Wellbeing PTY Limited
  • ISSN: 2200-8152