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About Flex

If you have been into bodybuilding for years or you are just starting on your buff path, Flex magazine can help you! From exercise regimens to make your workout as effective as possible to the contests that you can compete in when you are ready to show off those new muscles, this magazine has something for every bodybuilder. Order your Flex bodybuilding magazine today!

Training to Flex
It’s easy to burn out on your regular workouts if you don’t add some new routines every now and then. With a Flex magazine subscription, you get tips on lifting regimens that will pump you up faster than ever before. From interviews with retro bodybuilder athletes to the hottest new trends in the bodybuilding world, you will find something to make your workout more hard hitting. This magazine gives you the information you need to get results from your training sessions.

Pumping Iron, Pumping Protein
Every bodybuilder knows that it’s not just about the lifting; you have to have the diet that will promote fast and sustained muscle building. In Flex mag, you will get tips from the pros about what they eat and the newest and most effective supplements and protein bars. The magazine also tells you about when it is most effective for you to eat your protein so that it goes straight to your muscles. Whether you are preparing to compete or just want to put on muscle weight, Flex has a dietary plan that will fit your needs.

Contests and Photos
Every Flex publication will have information about the hottest bodybuilding contests in the nation that you can compete in or attend to be inspired. Even if you aren’t ready to compete, the contests have many famous bodybuilders in attendance and venders to get you ready for the next one. If you missed the latest contest, there will be photos of the competitors in the magazine and of retro bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger. With those photos is tons of advice and inspiration to help you get to where you want to be physically.

 Flex your muscles and subscribe to Flex magazine today!

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