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Dig Magazine

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Dig magazine is a seasonal publication for children from the age of nine to fourteen or grades 5-9. In each issue of this educational publication, your child can read articles about world history, archaeology, paleontology, and the earth sciences. You will enjoy watching your son or daughter has fun learning in a new and interesting way! Order your discount subscription to Dig magazine today!

Fantastic Factoids

In each issue of Dig magazine, there are innumerable facts and great educational material. You will enjoy watching your child find such immense enjoyment while learning about the history of the world. Every issue will provide him or her with amazing facts about past societies, regions, cultures, symbols, traditions, animals, and many other topics. No two magazines are alike and your child will enjoy learning something new every time a copy arrives in the mail! 

Terrific Themes

Every Dig magazine has a special theme. Some of the themes are about societies while others are about a specific tradition or topic. Some examples of previous themes are: “The Beginning of Democracy,” “Animals of the Ancients,” “Rome,” and “The Truth about Indiana Jones.” All of the features in each issue are related in some way to the theme. The themes are designed to evoke excitement, wonder, and curiosity in your child. You will enjoy seeing how much your kid will learn from just one issue, and you may even learn something new as well!

Super Submissions

Your kid will love reading through each edition of the Dig magazine subscription, but he or she will enjoy creating submissions to send in to the magazine even more! Every issue provides your child with opportunities to participate and take a more active interest in learning. There are submission opportunities like creating a sentence with the vocabulary word that went along with the theme, finding all the hidden symbols in the issue, or going online and submitting questions for the experts. You and your child will enjoy all the different features of this educational and fun periodical!

Help your child have fun learning about world history and archeology by ordering a discount Dig magazine subscription today! 

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