Creative Kids Magazine

Creative Kids Magazine

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Creative Kids magazine is the only publication written entirely by children for children just like you! It was started more than twenty years ago to support the artistic and writing abilities of young people around the world. The magazine is intended for the ages of eight to sixteen. The staff includes experienced editors who have worked with many talented kids, five senior contributors who are between fourteen and eighteen and an advisory board of twelve members who are between the ages of eight and sixteen. You will enjoy reading the content of this periodical and even submitting works of your own! Order your discount Creative Kids magazine subscription today!

Prose and Poetry

In each issue of Creative Kids magazine, you will be able to read prose and poetry from young authors around the world. No two publications will ever be the same because they are based off of readers’ submissions. You will enjoy reading all the poems and short works written by students who are just like you, but from different parts of the world. It will be fun and interesting to see their perspectives through their works and share your own through your submissions. There are a myriad of topics represented in each issue of the periodical and you will love them all!

Essays and Novellas

In addition to the numerous short works of writing, you will also be able to read non-fiction essays that will give you perspective into other children’s lives. There are essays about animals, special needs, feelings, and more. Despite the writings being from around the world, you will find many to which you relate. Creative Kids magazine also provides you with novellas. You will enjoy reading these longer submissions and marveling over the writing skills of young authors like yourself!


After you read through all the submitted writings, you will enjoy perusing all the works of art that have been submitted from around the world. Creative Kids magazine realizes that not all children find their voices through words, but some find them through images. You will enjoy looking at all the colorful works of art and even creating some of your own to submit to the magazine for the next issue!

Spark your creativity by ordering a discount Creative Kids magazine subscription today!