Capital Ceo 資本才俊 Magazine (Digital)

Capital Ceo 資本才俊 Magazine (Digital) August 6th, 2018 Issue Cover
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Capital Ceo 資本才俊 Magazine (Digital)

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  • Language: Chinese
  • Country: Hong Kong SAR China


《資本才俊》–集財經資訊和生活享受於一身的商業月刊,訪問不同行業精英,管理高層和企業家,探討市場趨勢及先見、分享職場上和創業之路的致勝之道,並且緊貼新一代CEO在卓越成就上和時尚生活上的多采世界。 CAPITAL CEO - Gives readers intensive coverage and quality articles about CEO's tremendous business strength, strategic planning, unique business vision, but also their passion, satisfaction and frustrations that come along with their multi-tasking role in the sophisticated world of business.
  • Publisher: South China Media Online Limited