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What is Boxoffice? It is a magazine dedicated to providing readers with the latest information regarding the film industry. In each issue you can read about films, the movie theater businesses, and the film industry. This is a great periodical for those who work as theatre owners, film professionals, and even casual movie enthusiasts. With this periodical’s help, you will always know about release dates, the successes and failures of movies, film popularity. Order a discount subscription to Boxoffice magazine today!

Following Films’ Success

A subscription to Boxoffice magazine provides you with all the information you want about past, present, and upcoming movies and films. You will enjoy being able to track the popularity of various movies though with the help of this periodical through the information about Facebook and Twitter tracking that it provides in each issue. After reading each edition, you will be able to predict the success of all the films that are playing. Each issue also provides you with the domestic grosses of films so that you know what movies are doing well and those that are not. With these tools you will be able to predict film trends and envision what future movie plots will have success in theaters.

Analyses and News

The analysis section of every issue of Boxoffice provides you with all the news that impacts the successes and failures of various films. By reading articles in this magazine, you will be able to stay on top of how current movies are faring at the box office. In each publication, there are also rankings for the top movies at the box office to which you will love having access. In the exhibition section of the periodical, there is information about businesses and people in the film business and what they are doing. In every issue, you will receive all the information you want about the events and news regarding the film industry.

Release Calendars

Boxoffice magazine provides you with extended release calendars so that you always know what movies will be in box offices and when. You will also be able to see what movies will be competing with one another for the leading domestic grosses for opening weekends and for the entire time that they are in the box office. If you work in the entertainment industry, you will enjoy having access to all this information.

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