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The American Songwriter magazine provides you with coverage of every aspect of the musical world. This periodical covers every music genre imaginable to give you an in-depth perspective from the creative process to when you are listening to the song in your home. Every issue contains exclusive interviews with professional artists and songwriters as well as the rising stars. If you love music, you will love this magazine. Order your discount American Songwriter subscription today!

Reviews and Songs
With a subscription to the American Songwriter, you will receive issues full of great reviews and the hottest new songs. There are tough reviews on songs regardless of their genre. No matter what you musical style and preference, you will love reading the reviews in this magazine. If you become bored with your current playlist, you will love all the recommendations from this periodical. From little known artists to those that are in the top five hits every week, you will enjoy learning about the writers of the songs and each song’s personal meaning.

Featured Artists and Songwriters 
The featured articles provide you with great interviews with all the artists you love, both from the past and now. You will learn more about the artists and writers you thought you knew in one article than what you have learned the whole time you have been their fan. Each issue also features articles about the business and recording aspect of music. You will learn all about the process that leads up to a song being played on your phone or on your radio. You will learn more about the musical realm than ever with your discount American Songwriter magazine subscription.

Your Gear 
Not only are their reviews on writers and songs, American Songwriter also provides you with reviews on all the hottest new gear that you need to listen to, record, and play your own music. From vintage amps to the instruments themselves, you will have all the information that you need so that you can make informed purchases and start your own musical career. American Songwriter covers every aspect of the music enthusiast’s life.

For all the information you need and want about the musical world, order your discount subscription to American Songwriter magazine today!

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