Allrecipes Air Fryer January 2020 Back Issue (Digital)

Allrecipes Air Fryer January 13th, 2020 Digital Back Issue Cover
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Allrecipes Air Fryer January 2020 Back Issue (Digital)

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About Allrecipes Air Fryer

Air fryers are all the rage, but what do you actually do with one? Home cooks are certainly asking that question. “Air fryer” searches and page views have soared more than 600 percent in just the last year on This special edition, Allrecipes Air Fryer Recipes, answers all those questions with 89 recipes that are getting saved and loved the most site-wide. Who knew you can make Steak and Mushrooms, Banana Cake, Italian Stuffed Tomatoes, and even Lobster Tails in an air fryer? We’ve also included the site’s most popular air fryer recipe: Air-Fried Crumbed Chicken Tenderloins.

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