All About History Book Of The Victorians Magazine (Digital)

All About History Book Of The Victorians Magazine (Digital) January 1st, 2018 Issue Cover
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All About History Book Of The Victorians Magazine (Digital)

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  • Language: English
  • Country: United Kingdom


During the course of Queen Victoria’s reign, Britain underwent such a remarkable period of upheaval that the nation’s influence extended to the furthest reaches of the globe. From the living conditions of Victoria’s poor to the personal life of a steely monarch, explore the era through vivid articles, imagery and illustrations. You will step back in time and learn how such a small island garnered the might to dominate the world. Featuring: Queen Victoria - Explore the personal and public lives of a monarch who reigned over a vast empire for 63 years Industrial Revolution - Understand the how the second phase of the Industrial Revolution saw inventive spirit soar and industry flourish Everyday life - Walk in the footsteps of Victorian society, from those who toiled in the factories to the growing middle class Empire-building - Discover how Britain's imperial ambitions were realised, leading to an empire on which the sun never set
  • Publisher: Future Publishing Ltd