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About Whisky Advocate

The Manhattan, Whiskey Sour and the Man O’ War cocktails are just a few of the timeless staple drinks offered at bars around the nation. The key to a good cocktail has always been in the handling of ingredients, atmosphere, attention to detail, and a love for good, old-fashioned whiskey. The Whiskey Advocate magazine details all of the best mixes for every type of whiskey you can imagine. Even if your preference is as fine-tuned to choosing an Old Fashioned over a Manhattan, Whiskey Advocate magazine breaks down every whiskey cocktail to the most precise detail to ensure that your next sip is a gift that keeps on giving.

History of Whiskey Advocate

The Whiskey Advocate Magazine was formerly known as Malt Advocate. After changing their tone and style from malt to all things whiskey, the publication found a strong foothold as the authoritative figure in all things whiskey. Since its inception, the magazine has taken measures to showcase the best of what this bronze-colored elixir had to offer.


Ingredients are just one part of the variety of content offered in every issue of Whiskey Advocate. With a revolving publication line covering all types of whiskey, connoisseurs of this versatile drink will discover all there is to know about the history of certain whiskeys, historical drinking clubs, special edition whiskey reviews, and much more. Looking to do a little bartending yourself for a special function? Whiskey Advocate showcases tips and how-tos for drinks that will surely be enjoyed by everyone. Readers will find interesting and entertaining editorials related to historically infamous drinking clubs with rambunctious characters who loved their whiskey a little too much. Rye, Scotch, Malt, Blended, Japanese, Tennessee, Bourbon, Irish, and Canadian Whiskeys are just a few of the types of whiskey that are covered.

What to Expect: Whiskey Advocate + DiscountMags

Whether you are looking for ingredient recommendations or are a die-hard enthusiast for whiskey in all of its forms, DiscountMags offers the best internet prices for your digital issues of Whiskey Advocate. Craft your next cocktail, read an entertaining story, discover new processes, and sip your expertly crafted drink while skimming through the pages of Whiskey Advocate thanks to DiscountMags!

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