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About High Times

High Times magazine is a go-to source for all things related to Cannabis, its healing properties, and its multifaceted uses. Within every issue, you can learn about cannabis growth techniques, stoner entertainment, and the latest scoops on cannabis news and events. Whether you’re the ultimate cannabis connoisseur or the guy/gal that enjoys getting faded, this magazine is sure to give you something to look forward to.

History of High Times Magazine:

The publication was founded in 1973 when smoking that gas was the wave. The brainchild of Tom Forçade, the magazine actively advocated for the legalization of cannabis. With heavy involvement in the counterculture that took place between the 1960s-1970s, the High Times remained a vocal outlet for Hippies and Mary-Jane enthusiasts. What was originally meant as a joke transformed into a magazine publication that rivaled the likes of Rolling Stone and the National Lampoon as the years progressed. Fast forward to 2014, the magazine caters to 5 million cannabisseurs who believe in the healing power of Skywalker OG, Moonrocks, and Fat Dabs.


With High Times Magazine, readers can expect entertainment, informational insights, how-tos and much more with one simple issue. In every issue, you will learn the current affairs of marijuana including legislative affairs, legalization statuses in states, information about clemency for drug offenders, and much more. After you have taken a few puffs and feel the good kush wash over you, High Times Magazine offers many different sources of entertainment. Everything from the best movies to watch and of course, the best foods to eat. High Times holds nothing back as it also provides instructional guidelines that can help the average stoner become a bonafide cannabis farmer. If cannabis is the “Devil’s Lettuce”, then High Times Magazine is the “Devil’s Bible.”

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