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About Evo

evo magazine is the ultimate publication that shows off the exciting features of the best performance cars in the world. If you are looking for the uncontested best of the best, evo should be the first to come to mind. Publishing 13 times a year, evo immerses the reader in the driving experience of any particular car, while also detailing the specifications that make it so powerful. With a strong focal point in the cars’ performance, if you are looking for big-name behemoths that will have you daydreaming, look to evo magazine.

History of evo Magazine

With the first issue of the evo being published in November of 1998, it did not take long for the magazine to grow a steady profit in the industry. With every issue that was published, it became clear that evo was created for those who considered themselves car mavericks and adrenaline junkies. The magazine’s publication and inception began with Harry Metcalfe, a farm owner who used a loan designed for his farm to bring this magazine to life. From the first publication in 1998 until the present, evo magazine has been the leading front in showcasing the absolute best performance cars.


Aside from showing you the best performance cars, readers will also find plenty of features that will keep them intrigued. While evo details the performance of multi-million dollar cars and the specifications that make them so great, the magazine also keeps regular consumers in mind. Perhaps you're interested in purchasing an older, used, or preowned vehicle that has considerable performance even in modern times? The magazine offers curated lists of some great performance vehicles that will give you the best bang for your buck. Learn about older versions of the Ferrari 456’s and Aston Martin DB6’s that range from $13k-$39k. Backed by the expertise, experience, and talents from world-class journalists and racers, evo magazine communicates the thrill of driving high-performance cars like no other. For insightful car reviews, editorial pieces on owning such cars, and powerful personal stories find it all with evo.

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