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About All About History

Historians, history buffs, enthusiasts, and non-historians alike will surely get a kick out of the All About History magazine. The magazine offers a stunning and illustrative realization into World History in a fun, new, creative, and interesting way. With distinguishable illustrations, photos, and graphics that depict the many world-changing events from civilizations’ past, All About History was created with accessibility, entertainment, and education in mind. From the creators of How it Works and All About Space, the magazine seamlessly ties all of these features into one awesome magazine with a unique style. Those who have little to no interest in world history will find themselves lost in a labyrinth of stories that capture the glory and horror of events such as the Cold War, The Great Crusade, The French Revolution, and more.


With exciting and compact illustrations, each issue of the All About History magazine details world-defining events throughout history. Each publication features decorative cover art that perfectly encapsulates the time period. Whether you are reading about Winston Churchill, King Henry V, or Alexander the Great, you will find exciting new facts, traits, and features of pivotal characters in world history. Some of the most notable world events featured in All About History include Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, The Tudor Kings, The World Wars, The Renaissance, and much more. With every issue of the magazine, there are several keynote features and headings that define the magazine’s style and identity.

What If?

Learn from established historians about how certain events lead to history’s most significant turning points.

Ancient Empires

Learn about the truth of mythical monuments and myths from ancient cultures and civilizations stretching from Spartan Times to the Babylonian Ages.

World Wars

Astounding stories and legends of incredible heroism and technological breakthroughs. Authors take you into the trenches of World War I and to the Pacific Battles of World War II.

Heroes and Villains

Read about the motives of powerful and influential individuals from around the world - everything from tyrants and conquerors to heralds and heroes.

Inside History

Little known facts about historical landmarks and their secrets.


A digestible timeline of conquerings, assassinations, and mutinies that illustrate the rise and fall of multiple great empires.

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