Discount Magazine Subscriptions

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Getting a new magazine in the mail is exciting and nostalgic, even a notification for a new issue of your digital magazine subscription provides a sense of excitement. Even with the surge in online media and digital magazines, many people still prefer reading printed material that they can hold and feel. People still enjoy print magazine subscriptions for a few reasons including the physical aspect of holding a magazine, being able to 'disconnect' from electronics, and the wide variety of niche curated topics!

Our Best Selling Magazine Subscriptions:

Architectural Digest Magazine
11 Issues: $23.99 $60.00
Bon Appetit Magazine
10 Issues: $19.99 $59.90
Wired Magazine
11 Issues: $19.99 $54.89
Taste of Home Magazine
6 Issues: $19.98 $23.94
Family Handyman Magazine
8 Issues: $19.97 $39.90

Digital Best Sellers:

Maximum PC Magazine (Digital)
13 Issues: $5.39 $90.87
Pioneer Woman Magazine (Digital)
4 Issues: $18.00 $19.96
Macworld Magazine (Digital)
12 Issues: $21.97 $83.88
Woman's World Magazine (Digital)
52 Issues: $61.98 $155.48
Living Etc Magazine (Digital)
12 Issues: $36.28 $58.08
Amateur Photographer Magazine (Digital)
51 Issues: $96.77 $231.54
PC Magazin Magazine (Digital)
12 Issues: $32.98 $41.88