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There are numerous women’s magazines online at DiscountMags that you will find enjoyable to read. This selection of periodicals ensures that you have access to many different types of magazines in order for you to be able to find the perfect one for you. You will find that there are publications dedicated to topics such as fashion, style, health, fitness, wedding planning, pregnancy, cooking and recipes, hairstyle, and many other interesting subjects about which you will love being able to read. There are women’s magazine subscriptions for every type of woman that represents a varied set of interests. You will also find that there are ethnic periodicals and some that are published in different languages so that you can find one that best fits your culture as well as your interests. With the help of DiscountMags, you will have no trouble finding numerous great women’s magazines to which you would love to have a subscription. Choose the magazine for you today. 
Learn a new craft for the new year! With 164 pages of step-by-step tutorials and easy-to-follow patterns, Beginner’s Guide To Knitting & Crochet is the quickest way to get creative with yarn. Fr...
Available Terms: 1 Issue
1 Issue: $10.57 $126.84
《鄉間小路》以生活雜誌的型態,包裝有質感的在地農業,希望讓直接受惠農產品的消費大眾,更親近農業價值生活型態。 秉持「好農、好食、好台、...
Available Terms: 1 Issue and 18 Months
18 Issues: $55.16 $70.92
Available Terms: 1 Issue
1 Issue: $3.19 $38.28
The magazine where wedding is the protagonist. A biannual title that will take care of presenting the real marriages celebrated in the world. A new project dedicated to the most beautiful and signific...
Available Terms: 1 Issue
1 Issue: $2.73 $32.76
Журнал Noble Wine — первое в Латвии специализированное издание о вине на латышском и русском языках. Каждый номер...
Available Terms: 1 Issue
1 Issue: $4.60 $55.20
Žurnāls Noble Wine - pirmais Latvijā specializētais izdevums par vīnu latviešu un krievu valodā. Katrs Noble Wine žurnāla numurs ir unikāls ceļojums daudzveidīgajā vīna pasaulē, iepaz...
Available Terms: 1 Issue
1 Issue: $4.60 $55.20
Enjoy 185 recipes and ideas for the festive season with every recipe triple tested for guaranteed success. Contains canapes, cocktails, starters, roasts, desserts, cakes and vegetarian options.
Available Terms: 1 Issue
1 Issue: $6.34 $76.08
An Australian publication that connects with readers in a personal way inspiring them to love the life they have, engage in positive and meaningful relationships with those around them and to make tim...
Available Terms: 1 Issue and 15 Months
5 Issues: $18.25 $21.05
Salon de Luxe Classic коллекционное издание, которое демонстрирует все многообразие объектов, выполненных в лучших тр...
Available Terms: 1 Issue and 9 Months
3 Issues: $11.40 $11.91
Revista enfocada en el diseño de interiores con una perspectiva diferente, intimista. Nos importa el diseño, pero también lo que hay detrás de él, sus protagonistas. También nos gusta la moda, l...
Available Terms: 1 Issue and 10 Months
10 Issues: $43.55
"BARBARA gießt die Lebenshaltung und das Selbstverständnis von Barbara Schöneberger in ein Heftkonzept. Ehrlich, mutig und echt. Und immer mit einer entspannten Grundhaltung. Namensgeberin Bar...
Available Terms: 1 Issue and 10 Months
10 Issues: $24.08 $27.70
Consumer Reports Home Publication, How to Paint Anyting will help you make the smartest decicions in all of your painting projects.  We do the research, testing, and user reliability research to help...
Available Terms: 1 Issue
1 Issue: $10.99 $131.88
Available Terms: 1 Issue
1 Issue: $14.99 $179.88
Available Terms: 1 Issue and 18 Months
3 Issues: $19.42 $34.56
新加坡第一本中文旅游、美食、时尚杂志。 除了景点,我们也提倡一种旅游态度、——生活,就是最美好的旅程。 通过《畅游行》,我们伴你体会人...
Available Terms: 1 Issue and 14 Months
14 Issues: $29.99 $41.86
Available Terms: 1 Issue
1 Issue: $10.18 $122.16