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If you enjoy keeping up with all the latest news and gossip related to your favorite celebrities, then you will love the great selection of tabloids magazines online at DiscountMags. You will enjoy reading about all of your favorite actors and actresses in these publications, as well as other famous celebrities. Each of these tabloid magazine subscriptions will ensure that you can read about the latest fashion mishaps of the stars that you love, their rumored affairs, baby bumps, weight gain and loss, and many other fascinating topics about which you will enjoy being able to read. There is something new and interesting in each and every issue of these periodicals and you will be among the first to know about the latest news and gossip with the help of these subscriptions. To follow the celebrities that you love, all you have to do is choose the perfect tabloid magazines for you at DiscountMags. 
The National Examiner Magazine brings you stories on everything from what the stars are wearing to human-interest stories. Each magazine also features local buzz and a crossword puzzle.
Available Terms: 1 Year
52 Issues: $122.97 $124.28
What's going on in the lives of the stars and other celebrities? Inquiring minds want to know! The National Enquirer prints all the gossip you can't get from your typical newspaper.
Available Terms: 1 Year
52 Issues: $122.97
Seit mehr als 60 Jahren ist BUNTE der Garant für hochprofessionelle aktuelle Berichterstattung über die wesentlichen Ereignisse und Entwicklungen der deutschen Gesellschaft. Herausgeberin und Chefre...
Available Terms: 1 Issue, 1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years and 4 Years
52 Issues: $140.69 $159.64