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DiscountMags has a vast selection of photography magazines online that will provide you with articles that you will find beneficial and enjoyable to read. There is variety of periodicals available that are related to different interests within this category. Many of the publications in this category are dedicated to topics such as taking outdoor photos, digital programs and cameras, news about photographers, screen-printing, computer arts, gadgets, Photoshop, and many other topics that will help you learn about photography. Whether you enjoy taking photos as a hobby or as career, you will find many photography magazine subscriptions that will appeal to your interests. Each of these publications is published with the intent of helping you learn more about your skill and the technology that you use when taking and editing photos. Many of the publications also include reviews that will help you decide upon the best gear or programs in which you should invest. DiscountMags has many photography magazines available; choose the best one for you today. 
The freshest and most credible voice in film, LWLies is the world's most stunning film source. Honest, unmerciful, relevant - and always beautiful.
Available Terms: 1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years and 4 Years
6 Issues: $29.99 $36.72
Covers the entire field of screen printing.
Available Terms: 1 Year, 2 Years and 3 Years
6 Issues: $42.00
It just keeps getting better! This year sees the launch of a fresh new look for the magazine, as well as clearer, easy-to-follow patterns and colour-coded sizing.Each issue features more than 25 desig...
Available Terms: 1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years and 4 Years
4 Issues: $14.75 $23.56
Simply Sewing is a practical magazine for makers who sew, or would like to start sewing. Its contemporary look and feel, fresh attitude and ideas, beautiful photography and inspiring projects will...
Available Terms: 1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years and 4 Years
13 Issues: $75.12 $106.34
Creating a piece of art is a rewarding, challenging and very personal endeavour, – the Paint & Draw Collection Volume 3 is here to take you through that journey from start to finish. Art is subj...
Available Terms: 1 Issue
Paint & Draw Collection: $7.55
This bumper collection of must-stitch cross stitch charts is all you need to create beautiful handmade samplers, gifts and greetings for weddings, babies and your home. Packed with 48 of the best lett...
Available Terms: 1 Issue
The Ultimate Alphabets Cross Stitch Collection: $8.62
In this special edition we’ve put together ideas to beautify your home as well as giving ideas of what to do with the left over fabric and beautiful paper that was used on other projects. Whether it...
Available Terms: 1 Issue
2016: $3.07
Enjoy 100+ pages packed with patchwork inspiration! Modern Patchwork is filled with fabulous gift ideas, exciting home-décor projects, items to enhance your cooking and dining experiences, plus totes...
Available Terms: 1 Issue
November/December 2018: $14.99
Quilters Companion’s Modern Quilts recognises the new movement in quilting and showcases an innovative attitude and approach to quilt-making. Even though the design roots might seem quite traditiona...
Available Terms: 1 Issue
Issue 2: $2.46
Artist's Palette is the perfect magazine for the aspiring and accomplished artist alike. Provides insights on, as well as step-by-step demonstrations from, Australian and international artists. Featur...
Available Terms: 1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years and 4 Years
7 Issues: $22.86 $41.23
Australian How To Paint magazine chooses a topic or style of art each issue and gives you a comprehensive guide for you to develop your skills. Over the series we will cover all major painting techniq...
Available Terms: 1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years and 4 Years
4 Issues: $13.91 $24.72
The Essential Guide to Portraits 2nd edition. On the quest to create better pictures? The up-to-date information, inspirational guides and helpful instructions within this MagBook are an invaluable re...
Available Terms: 1 Issue
The Essential Guide to Portraits 6: $3.22
Your essential 220-page fully-updated course for learning how to master your Canon SLR, packed with new techniques, tips and tests to help you get the best out of your digital EOS camera, plus 10 free...
Available Terms: 1 Issue
Ultimate Canon SLR Handbook Vol. 4: $7.55
Get the best out of your raw images in Photoshop CS, CC, Elements and Lightroom. Become a master of Adobe Camera Raw with our comprehensive guides using all the recent versions of Photoshop. Whether y...
Available Terms: 1 Issue
Teach Yourself RAW in Photoshop Revised Edition: $7.55
Start a creative new season of crochet with 101 Quick and Esy Crochet Makes. We've packed 132 pages with some of our favourite projects from simply crochet magazine to take your hook form autumn into ...
Available Terms: 1 Issue
101 Quick & Easy Crochet Makes 2016: $8.62
With 273 papercraft and card ideas, this new magazine from the Craft Stash series is all you need to help reduce your stash mountain! Along with beautiful makes, hints and tips this brand new magazine...
Available Terms: 1 Issue
273 Papercraft & Card Ideas: $8.62