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DiscountMags has numerous lifestyle & culture magazines to cater to the interests of various types of people. There are many different periodicals offered in this category to ensure that you can read a publication that relates to your life perfectly. You will find lifestyle magazines dedicated to fashion, organic farming and living, exercise and fitness, sports, cars, particular regions in the United States, and many other lifestyles and interests. You are guaranteed to find a periodical that matches your personality in this category, regardless of how unique your interests may be. There are also magazines that are published specifically for men or women so that you can read a magazine that have articles that relate to your life and the issues that you may encounter. You will also find that there are culture magazine subscriptions available that will ensure that you can find a publication that you will enjoy reading that reflects the culture with which you align yourself. Find the perfect magazine for you at DiscountMags. 
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12 Issues: $99.30 $99.36
Get the only magazine dedicated to the preservation, restoration, study, and use of historic military vehicles. Military Vehicles covers vintage military photos, collecting advice, market information,...
Available Terms: 13 Months
13 Issues: $21.98 $71.88
This in-depth special edition explores the stories behind the infamous medieval religious wars in the Holy Land and beyond. nnDiscover:nn- How the leaders of the First Crusade captured Jerusalemn- The...
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February 2020: $10.95
Albert Einstein. Elvis Presley. Nelson Mandela. Barack Obama. Madame Curie. Through innovation, perseverance and enlightenment, they have shaped the world as we know it, far transcending their lifetim...
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February 2020: $14.99