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Zootles magazine is a fun and educational publication that your preschooler will love! Every issue provides your child with information about a particular animal, a letter of the alphabet, and other educational concepts. You will enjoy watching your child learn through this periodical and may even learn something new about an animal yourself! Order your preschooler a subscription to Zootles magazine today!


 With each issue of Zootles, your preschooler will learn tons of information about a new animal. There is information about what the animal eats, the habitat in which it lives, what is called when it is a baby, its body, and more. Your child will love learning about new animals. There are also many pictures in each edition so that your child can get a good idea of what each animal looks like. He or she will love receiving this publication in the mail and you will love watching him or her enjoy learning so much!


Whether your little one is reading or not, he or she will be able to enjoy this publication. The literature in each issue is simple enough for young readers, but even if your preschooler isn’t reading yet, he or she will be able to enjoy all the beautiful pictures in each Zootles magazine. There are also featured letters in each issue that are focused on throughout the publication. This will help your child learn to read or improve his or her reading skills.

Extra Concepts

Every Zootles magazine also has an extra concept in each edition. Some times the focus is on a number and other times it is a concept such as, hot and cold or wet and dry. Your child will learn something new with every issue that he or she receives and will have fun while doing so! You will also enjoy reading and doing the activities along with your child when each magazine arrives in the mail.

Order your child’s discount Zootles magazine subscription today to start learn about all kinds of amazing animals! 

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