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WORLD magazine is brought to you from the World News Group (WNG). With this magazine, you can stay informed about current events and controversial politics that are taking place across the globe. Whether you have been interested in current events for years or want to become a more informed citizen, WORLD is the magazine subscription for you. Get your subscription today!

Bringing the World’s Politics Home
It is easy to lose track of the various global controversies, and therefore become uninterested, but with this publication, you can stay informed of all that is happening in the political climate both at home and abroad. From educational reforms to marital equality, the editors of WNG shy away from no subject. Not only does each issue inform you of the current standing of the political controversies, but it informs you of the history of each subject so that you can be more informed and understanding of the current predicament. You will be more up-to-date than ever before once you have this subscription.

Current World Events
WORLD mag isn’t only a political magazine, but one that focuses on the events that take place both in America and abroad. Events such as the overseas virus outbreaks and the tense political situations will be brought to your attention with unbiased and insightful detail that will keep you informed. With a discount subscription, you will be able to form your own opinions and conclusions about the events that are impacting the globe and your life everyday.

Worldly Features
Each publication has feature articles that focus on issues that affect you and your life. There are features such as, Signs and Wonders, Books, Olasky Bio Series, and so much more. Each and every issue will inform you of the environment around you and you will love having such an informative publication come to your house regularly. Whether it is with an article about homeschooling or about the political issues in Iraq, this magazine will keep you interested and informed for months to come.

Bring the world home with you today with a discount subscription to WORLD!

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