Wining & Dining In Tokyo Magazine (Digital)

Wining & Dining In Tokyo Magazine (Digital) August 23rd, 2013 Issue Cover
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Wining & Dining In Tokyo Magazine (Digital)

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  • Language: English
  • Country: Japan


Wining & Dining in Tokyo is the only high-end English-language restaurant magazine that has been published twice a year (Jan & July) since 1992. WD has three indexes, by cuisine, by area and by the name of the restaurants, making it very easy to look for restaurants to suit your needs. In the restaurant pages, there are photos of the restaurant, the concept of the restaurant, recommended dishes, course menu, the price, the availability of private rooms and opening hours. In the end of the book, there are maps of the restaurants. WD is the only restaurant guidebook fully loaded with useful information. 英文レストランマガジン。料理別、地区別、ABC順の3インデックスで便利。外国人の接待に最適。店内写真で雰囲気も分かり、巻末には地図付き。
  • Publisher: Business World
  • ISSN: 2186-408X