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Twist Magazine

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Twist magazine is the ultimate source for teen entertainment news. In each issue you will find articles about beauty, health, fashion, shopping, guys, celebrities, and many other topics. Keep up with teen culture by ordering a discount subscription to Twist magazine today!

Beauty and Health

Each issue of Twist magazine has extensive coverage of all the topics that influence your beauty and health. You will be able to read articles with make up tutorials, the latest hairstyles that are taking Hollywood by storm, manicure and pedicure suggestions, healthy eating tips, and many other topics. You will also be able to read all about the beauty styles of your favorite celebrities in every issue!

Fashion and Shopping

Stay up to date with all the latest fashion trends with your subscription to Twist magazine! In every issue there are great articles and features about all aspects of fashion, including shopping! You will be able to read about great style blogs that you should follow, your favorite celebs’ red carpet looks, what to wear to your next school dance, and so much more. You will also learn about all the places where you can find the looks that your favorite celebrities are wearing as well as their personal design lines!

Guy Celebs

Not only will you be able to follow all the female stars that you love and mimic their styles, but you will also be able to stay current with all the guys you love too! Twist magazine ensures that you have all the latest information about the Hollywood studs that make your heart throb. You’ll be the first to know about upcoming concert tours, who’s dating who, and so much more. Learn about all the guys you love and their style, lives, and careers in every issue you receive!

Keep up with celebrities, fashion, and trends by ordering your discount Twist magazine subscription today!