The Blackberry Book Vol 1 Magazine (Digital)

The Blackberry Book Vol 1 Magazine (Digital) July 1st, 2012 Issue Cover
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The Blackberry Book Vol 1 Magazine (Digital)

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  • Language: English
  • Country: United Kingdom


The perfect book to help you extend the functionality of your BlackBerry. Whether you're just starting out with your device or a seasoned user there's something for you here, from BlackBerry Messenger to Twitter and BIS to Facebook. Featuring: In-depth features - Your complete guide to BlackBerry. Step-by-step guides - Tutorials covering BlackBerry Maps, Messenger and much more. All the best apps - Reviews of the top apps to download from BlackBerry App World. Troubleshooting - FAQs and common problems for BlackBerry solved.
  • Publisher: Future Publishing Ltd