Tathaastu Magazine

Tathaastu Magazine

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Tathaastu magazine is a great resource for Eastern thinking. If you enjoy yoga, meditation, and other Eastern practices, you will enjoy reading this periodical. In each issue you can also learn about health practices, taking care of your mind, travel, and Ayurveda. You will love the way that you feel after implementing some of the information that you read in this publication into your life. Order your discount Tathaastu magazine subscription today!

Yoga and Meditation

In each issue of Tathaastu magazine, you will find many articles that will help you with your meditation and provide you with more information about yoga. You will be able to learn about yoga basics, the eight limbs of yoga, as well as moves that would help you improve you health and digestion. In the features dedicated to meditation, you can read about relieving stress at work, various meditation techniques, as well as implementing prayer into your meditative practices. 

Health and Mind

In this section of Tathaastu magazine, you will find many helpful features that will encourage you to improve the health of your mind and body. You will enjoy reading about balancing your health, improving your body, using laughter as a therapy, healing with your senses and fragrances, awakening your senses, learning to forgive others and yourself, and many other topics. There is something for everyone in each issue of this periodical.


Tathaastu magazine also includes a great section devoted to travel. You will enjoy reading about all the places that you can go that will help you improve your mental and physical health by ensuring that you are relaxed. There are features about Satvik experiences, Quan – the miracle of water, being touched by the stones, the Royal Garden of Heaven, as well as many that are dedicated to the value and fun of ecotourism. You will enjoy and appreciate all of the information found in this periodical.

Become more balanced by ordering a discount subscription to Tathaastu magazine today!