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Supergirl Magazine

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Supergirl magazine is a great addition to anyone’s comic book repertoire. In each issue you will learn more about Kara, her powers, and the adventures that she attracts. Originally from the planet, Krypton, like Superman, she shares some of his powers and vulnerabilities. Confused by her own sudden appearance on Earth, she distrusts Superman and is vulnerable to attack. Order your discount subscription to Supergirl magazine today to start reading along to learn more about Kara!

The Beginning of the Story

The Supergirl comic begins with Kara in her pod plummeting to earth as a part of a meteor shower over Smallville, Kansas. She has no recollection of the destruction of her own planet, Krypton, and believes herself to be dreaming. Her pod crashes, and goes through the earth only to emerge in Siberia. Having been tracked by the United State’s military, she is immediately attacked by American soldiers. Superman saves her, but she does not understand that time has passed and does not recognize him as her cousin from Krypton. Due to her mistrust, they fight and eventually separate. Kara is disinterested in staying on earth and decides to go back for her pod. She is unable to find it, but receives a mysterious message. Order a new subscription to Supergirl magazine to read more and discover what happens to Kara and to find out if her and Superman ever unite.

Her Powers

In each issue of Supergirl magazine, you will be able to learn more about Kara and her powers. As she is originally from Krypton like Superman, their powers are extremely similar. Kryptonians all experience the same powers when they live under a yellow sun. She has vast superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. In addition to those powers she is also invulnerable to harm except byway of Kryptonite. She also has the powers of flight, super breath, x-ray vision, telescopic and microscopic vision, freeze breath, heat vision, and super hearing. Both her and Superman’s powers gradually increase the longer that they are under the yellow sun, but some believe that Supergirl is stronger than Superman. However, he tends to suppress his powers to protect innocents while Kara is much less inhibited.

Order a discount subscription to Supergirl magazine today to follow Supergirl’s adventures and see if she ever learns to control her powers!

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